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Welcome to the Rêve Pavilion

We offer a natural approach to good health and wellbeing including osteopathy and homeopathy to get your body back in balance. We treat each person as an individual and take time to look at your body as a whole to fully understand the symptoms and the causes. Often we find there is more behind the immediate pain and that there are factors that have been overlooked and which are not resolved by standard prescription medications.

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The Pathway to Health

The Path To Health

At Reve Pavilion we have developed a scientific and measurable process to evaluate and treat the whole body.

Osteopathy & Treatments

Lower Back Pain Treatment
Our natural approach includes osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, acupuncture, massage and homeopathy. Suitable for all ages.

Successful Outcomes

Osteopath Mark Mathews

We have successfully treated thousands of patients for a wide variety of problems and injuries. Read our testimonials!

Our fully qualified medical professionals are able to treat a wide range of conditions and injuries. Our dedicated team have spent decades researching, testing and refining their approach to create a truly unique and holistic approach to healing and pain.
We are often able to help where other treatments have failed.

“I’m so impressed with my treatment, it has revolutionised the way I look at my health. I would recommend this to anyone.” – R.C. see more reviews

Rêve Pavilion has successfully treated thousands of patients for a wide variety of problems and injuries over the years, and we are confident that we can help you too!


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