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Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolism: The process in a living cell or organism by which nutritive material is transformed into living matter. Syndrome: A concurrence of several symptoms in disease. Metabolic Syndrome is a combination of medical disorders which occur together and increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Some statistics have shown the prevalence in the […]

Around the other half of the world in 30 days

Attending the International Conference of the International College of Applied Kinesiology in Cairns, North-east Australia, was a worthwhile trip to have made. Having never been to the other side of the Earth before, I decided to make the most of it; to also visit Honk Kong and New Zealand and take a month to give […]

Injuries when Playing Golf

Playing on those beautiful courses, dotted around this green and pleasant land is a wonderful way to let go of the day to day stresses of a busy life and enjoy taking exercise in the great outdoors in good company. Few could disagree with that. But beware! You would be amazed at the number of […]

Tennis and Cricket – Shoulder Injuries

You would be amazed at the number of people who visit the RĂªve Pavilion suffering from injuries sustained from playing tennis and/or cricket. The most common of which are shoulder injuries. Classically it is in the spring time when people have not been playing for a while. The weather is improving, people who may have […]

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