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Obesity (part 2 of 2)

As said in the first part of our blog on obesity, the health of our bodies is the health of our cells. For cells to be healthy they need a constant supply of: oxygen, nutrients and the ability to eliminate their own waste. Therefore:   1. To get sufficient oxygen you need to breathe properly […]

Obesity (part 1 of 2)

Like many other problems that people suffer from these days, obesity is a preventable lifestyle problem. It is not a disease. We have heard all kinds of things in the news recently from crazy genetic scientists (probably touting for more research funds) looking for the obesity gene. Let’s face it: people have not changed essentially […]

How are your taste buds serving you?

Humans are estimated to have about 5,000 taste buds in their mouth. They are made up of different kinds of epithelial cells which are classically believed to be specialised in signalling the presence of sweet, sour, salty and bitter tastes to our consciousness. In more recent times two other types of taste have been added […]

Sugar – Notes from a Symposium

There are still a lot of scientists and academics who deny that Climate Change is happening. In the 40s and 50s tobacco smoking was still being advertised as being good for you. In the 1960s there was a general agreement that it was not. There was still no “scientific proof”. This took another 40 years […]

Could Drugs be leading to a Crisis in Public Health?

No one would dispute the contribution that orthodox medicine has made to relieving suffering and attacking serious disease, but sometimes, in the interest of balance, it is worth questioning the persuasive power of the propaganda and advertising put out by the Medical Industry. 70% of the annual £105 billion cost of the NHS is spent […]

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