migraineThis has been described as a neurobiologically based, common clinical syndrome, characterized by recurrent episodic attacks of head pain, which do not seem to be of any protective value. The headache is accompanied by associated symptoms, such as nausea, sensitivity to light, sound, or head movement. The vulnerability to migraine is for many an inherited tendency.

This debilitating condition will display in different ways for different people.

It usually involves the trigeminal nerves which branches supply different regions of the head and face. The symptoms often appear more on one side or another and tend to go through different stages that can sometimes persist over a period of hours, often leaving the victim feeling very tired for some days.

It is a condition that is still not fully understood, affecting as it does many different areas of the brain associated with different neurotransmitters, circulatory changes and diverse systemic, mental and emotional effects.

Medical approaches employ the use of drugs based on an attempt to palliate one aspect or another of this very complex difficulty.

Here at the Rêve Pavilion we take another approach.

We take the view that people are all very complex and individually different. We are holistic beings. Nothing ever happens in isolation. Everything relates to everything else. It is the nervous system that mediates and integrates all the physical, biochemical, mental and emotional aspects of life. Everyone has their own safety margin of tolerance. It is usually a combination of different stresses on multiple levels that breaches the tolerance limit that results in the symptoms that have been described as Migraine.

This descriptive label is not in itself the reason.

Using functional neurology, we investigate on each individual the very many of the underlying imbalances that in each case eat into the safety margin that collectively result in symptomatic display to which the name is given.

Any imbalances that are found are addressed in measurable ways using safe un-invasive natural therapies. In most cases, this does not simply result in the person’s symptoms being reduced or even absent, it also helps them to become more balanced, integrated and well on all levels that enable them to live a happier and more successful, fulfilling life.

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