Professional Applied Kinesiology

Professional Applied Kinesiology (PAK) is a method of diagnosis using manual muscle testing to determine the state of the body. By testing muscle groups and specific muscles in the body, the structural, chemical and emotional/electromagnetic systems can be evaluated.

Professional Applied Kinesiology - muscle testingProfessional Applied Kinesiology is in synergy with the Triad of Health, a theory that states that all problems have structural, chemical, and electromagnetic/emotional components to them. With manual muscle testing, the practitioner can evaluate all three aspects of a single problem. When each facet of a problem is addressed correctly, the body can heal at optimal rates.

Dr George Goodheart, founder of Applied Kinesiology in 1964, noticed a direct correlation between postural distortion and weak muscle patterns. By treating the weak muscle, using different methods, the muscle would return to normal function and posture would improve. From this point PAK developed into the system that is so effective today.

At the Reve Pavilion, we utilise PAK to systematically ‘interrogate’ your body to determine where it is not functioning correctly. This is a specific and methodical technique which enables us to home-in on areas of the body that are not responding quite normally. As a means of diagnosis, PAK therefore plays an important part in the process on the Pathway to Health.

“I first came to Mark 7 years ago, suffering from symptoms of RA (at only 37). After receiving Applied Kinesiology on off for a couple of years I have been drug and symptom free for 3 years. I still visit the clinic for a service and M.O.T. when feeling a bit sluggish.” – D.S.

Rêve Pavilion has successfully treated thousands of patients for a wide variety of problems and injuries over the years, and we are confident that we can help you too!

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