What our customers say…

We value feedback from the patients we have treated and are truly gratified that we have received so many positive comments. Here are just a few.

“I suffered severe back pain for five years until I started seeing Mark about 7 years ago and he has kept me working pain free ever since.”
– P.M.

“I feel so much better now than I used to. I have a lot more energy since I have been seeing Mark and feel I am able to focus more at work yet also partake in, and enjoy activities outside of work without them feeling so much like a chore. I feel I am able to handle various stressful situations better now also having been equipped with the psychological skills he has introduced me to. There are so many things I think we all take for granted and neglect when living busy and demanding lives – primarily taking care of ourselves and our health and giving ourselves the attention we deserve. Just simple things like taking time out to reflect and put things into perspective. Mark made me realise this and has helped me to become a much more balanced person both mentally and physically.”
– N.P.

“The treatment has been fantastic. My neck pain has disappeared completely and my treatment has been clearly explained throughout.”
– S.C.

“I have suffered from hay fever since I was 14 years old! Not being able to breathe, itchy eyes I just accepted that I would always have it. After seeing Mark for three sessions, I found that when spring came I had no symptoms at all – it is AMAZING!!”
– N.W.

“Thank you so much for helping A. to get rid of his allergies. It has been incredible to witness all you have achieved in just six months by using nutritional supplements, kinesiology and homeopathy. For the first time in his life, A. has been able to enjoy a summer without having to use antihistamine or steroid sprays to deal with his hay fever. He can now also be near cats and horses without getting itchy eyes and uncontrollable sneezing. It will make his life going forward much more pleasant.”
– S.M.

“I visited Mark with a tenacious patch of excema that was getting worse. Mark uses a mixture of different therapies – all aimed at treating the whole body, rather than just the symptoms. With perseverance, an open mind and some organisation (remember to take the supplements) the whole excema has cleared up after about 6-9 months. No short term quick fix, but one that I expect will last!”
– S.F-S.

“Mark has been my osteopath for over 20 years. I have complete confidence in his abilities. I believe he saved me from being a chronic back sufferer and I play tennis regularly. I enjoy his holistic approach.”
– T.C.

“I’m so impressed with my treatment, it has revolutionised the way I look at my health. I would recommend this to anyone.”
– R.C.

“I first came to Mark on the recommendation of a friend who had been diagnosed with post viral syndrome and told by doctors that there was no cure to her fatigue and flu-like symptoms. Within a month of seeing Mark she was back on her feet. Having suffered from a bunch of problems – back, allergies, eczema… I decided to give it a go. Mark doesn’t give a label to problems – he seeks solutions to underlying problems and the holistic approach is so much more logical and natural than prescribing a cream or tablet for a symptom, which can often exacerbate rather than treat the problem. I would have no hesitation recommending Mark’s treatment to people with complete confidence!”
– J.P.

“I have been coming to Mark for nearly twenty years, with recurring problems from a damaged back and he keeps me functioning and pain free. I don’t know what I’d do without him!” – S.P.

“Managed to get an emergency appointment – coming unable to stand-up straight – after 20 minutes treatment I walked out able to stand up straight and to go back to work. A very clever practitioner. Anyone with any doubts should try it. – Brilliant.” – A.M.

“I am pleased to say that, following my last appointment with you (…), I am quite recovered from my bout of sciatica. I am much obliged for your help on putting me on the road to recovery.” – D.C.

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